Coromandel Agro Products & Oils Ltd. (CAPOL)

Started in 1976, CAPOL extracts and refines cotton seed oil. Today it is a multiproduct company with equipment to process all kinds of oil seeds. The plant has a storage capacity of 2,100 tonnes for different types of oil. 

Extreme care is taken to ensure that at every stage in the process of production, right from selection of the raw material to packaging the products, only the best is passed. This is ensured by using some of the latest equipment, minimum human intervention and rigorous application of quality control processes to ensure that the final product conforms to all appropriate standards. The By-Products of the process in the form of Linters, Hulls and De-oiled cakes are in high demand in many parts of the world.


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Cotton Linters are used in manufacture of Nitro Cellulose, Cellulose Acetate, high grade bond, currency, low grammage tissues and filter paper and can also be useful for surgical use as well as Felt making.

These Cotton Linters are having good demand in European and East Asian Countries. CAPOL produces 4,000 MT per annum.

Cottonseed Hulls are used as Roughage in Cattle Feed, in manufacture of Furfural alcohol as it contains 12.5% to 13% of Furfural and also used in Petroleum Drilling operations for drilled holes to avoid caving in.

CAPOL produces 20,000 MT of Hulls per annum.

Cottonseed De-oiled Cake contains Protein as high as 38 to 40% and this protein is best utilized by the Cattle since Cottonseed Protein by-passes through Cattle rumen (first part of the stomach) and later in the subsequent parts of the stomach resulting the utmost digestion to the Cattle and hence Cottonseed De-oiled Cake is called best protein diet. Cottonseed Extractions is recognized all over the World as better Cattle Feed. It can also be used as Fish Feed, Poultry Feed.

CAPOL produces 25,000 MT per annum


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